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We are a team of behaviorist who dedicate our lives to serving adults with developmental disabilities. We are committed to client and staff development by using current technology, resources, and procedures. We collaborate and build relationships with clients, family and staff to increase our client’s quality of life. We are client focused, centered and driven with our choice of interventions. We are also dedicated to cultivating future pioneers in the ABA field.
Behavior Consulting Services: We use ABA evidence-based practices to consult with staff, families, and individuals.

Crisis Prevention Services: This is an intensive service provided for individuals who have a history of police involvement or psychiatric hospitalizations.

¿Who do we provide services for? We provide services for individuals who are eligible to receive services through Regional Center. We consult with Group Homes, Day Programs, Supported Living providers, and Services may be delivered in person or via Telehealth.

Resources-Links to Central Valley Regional Center, South Central Los Angeles Regional Center, East Los Angeles Regional Center, Harbor Regional Center.

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